Things to play with

Some of these may pre-date the Internet. (I hope you didn't expect too much)

Areabeyond (Gene’s Hangout)
An original chat – text adventure social game
This game has many objects, rooms and commands to discover. There are a few bugs, and there are countless potential features I’m still pondering how to program.
Word magnet fun:
Original word lists by Gene
The Big List.
Any resulting naughtiness is your own fault.
Is this any fun or not?
Photo warping, AKA Goo:
Trash an image of me or someone I know
Warp #1.
Just a couple random images to get started.
Warp #2.
A couple more images.
Warp #3.
Two of me.
Warp #4.
Friends at Faire.

These are some Flash games which are included as an easter egg in the development software. I grabbed a copy of them. I made MY window resizable, which I feel is a great improvement.

the Flash MX Easter Egg games.

If you leave it small, it takes some getting used-to to keep from moving your mouse out of range and losing the paddle or the whole window.


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