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Gene Paul Biondo™

Long Beach, CA
ice cream

GeneBiondo.com (you’re soaking in it.)
ma il @ ! Gene Biondo.com
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The best way to learn about me is probably not by me telling you. But here are some of my customized list-type items so you may get a better idea yourself, if you really really are so inclined:

Some favorite songs, albums and artists.

Links which have gone defunct, as the Web has moved on without them:

Yahoo profile
Tribe profile
http://people.tribe.net/genebiondo (somehow still working in 2014, gone soon after)
Dollar Shave Club
http://shaved.by/HE2T (my referral link. I never got any $5 off. Sad emoji.)
Linux user number
http://linuxcounter.net/user/345077.html Linux Counter #345077 (offline 2018 after 20+ years)
my IconBuffet
my Launch.com
http://launch.yahoo.com/launchcast/play/?clientStationID=0&p=0&m=0&d=1235701714 (Yahoo LaunchCast)
http://geocities.com/genebiondo (which once redirected right back here)
http://profiles.friendster.com/genebiondo - the social networking grandaddy is now a game site

Things to add: Quotes, favorite movies, whatever.


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