Here be photos.

Like most of us, I’ve got that old box with decades of old paper photos to scan one of these days. I feel like it’s finally time to go completely digital. Even before adding those, here you can find my early start on digital photo collecting starting in 1995. I had one of the first digital cameras available – the Casio QV-10 (don’t expect quality on those, it was essentially VGA).

Higher resolutions from better digital cameras start showing up around 2001 (Lon’s Olympus 3000z, then my own range of digitals over the years, eg: the Canon PowerShot G1). Of course varying quality cellphone cameras were happening after that, and then most of us had even better smartphone cams sometime after 2007.

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Call me sentimental, but yes, to reminisce together with me, you can point at your own photo file and drop it right onto my site to share it. Help fill in my lost memories.

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