Some ***OLD*** or odd content which I might want to recover and add back to the site. Or not.


After a couple years of disuse, I dusted the thing off and started it up again in June, 2003. Then came the great void.

This page shows a collection of past images from my webcam(s), but hopefully your browser launched a smaller window in which you can see the most recent photo taken by the camera (here’s another chance). The date on the photo will tell you if it’s live or not. Try resizing that window; I like to keep it in the corner of the screen while I work, to remind me that naps really do exist. I expect to step up to a multi-cam format if I ever have the energy to play around with it that much.

Past Images

Past Images

This cat - China, does nothing but sleep

Yet she avoids that cat bed. Is it an evil cat bed?

China on the move.
Lots of past images.

This is a quick chatroom I threw together. Hopefully I can add fancier features later.

the chatroom window.

When entering, you may choose any name you want. Eventually I’ll have this work with the site user-tracking cookie, so you’ll only have to identify yourself once if you choose to stay logged in. The chat screen messages refresh every 4 seconds. Currently you only see the last 10 messages, sometimes even if they’re old. This will also deserve an upgrade later. Bring friends, have fun.

Capital Group - American Funds

what I do

past work, jobs, locations

skills, résumé?

I’ve been trying out various programming languages and techniques to improve this site. It surely doesn’t matter to anyone else, but I’m excited to have made this site database-driven, currently rendered by ASP.

Oh good, I found a place to keep my list of things to work on for this site. Here goes:

  1. Finalize photo layout and upload ’em
  2. Replacement search tool to encompass managed-content, and possibly files as well
  3. tie login into (new) chat
  4. update bulletin board
  5. make upload/incoming more accessible
  7. Finish QuickLinks (db/cookie?)?
  8. Wiki!
  9. improve logging?
  10. secure Admin area and move online
  11. private online invitations system?
  12. e-mail spider obfuscator
  13. fix Admin add page

Reasonably done (perhaps recently):

This is just a temporary placeholder for my own use. Sorry, it’s boring.

VERIFIEDish - weird chinese beta robot - 16 listings. - interesting network examination service. - I use this to inform me of new guestbook entires - shows used domains by partial name - now to bring it up!


RETRY - not working - desc. too big - not working - not working - not working or register only

NOT YET, MAYBE NEVER - business - humor - gambling - travelling - travel

MORE to try
open directory (
Northern Light
Direct Hit

There is no content here yet dum-dum. Come back maybe someday.

Sorry, I’ve got a lot of albums to get posted here. I’m working on it (7/17/2003).

Due to volume, I’ve had to split this into several pages by year and other categories

The following family photo events can be found here:

Another set of albums I’m having trouble sorting out. I’m working on it (7/17/2003).

Sorry, I’ve only just started getting around to posting any of these.

Well this is just a silly category. It’ll consist mostly of cat photos, with a few strays... Still working on it (7/17/2003).

I predict I’ll have lots of odd photos that don’t fit the above categories. Just trying to plan ahead.

Thanks for your interest. For now, you can upload some photos or other files here: Incoming.

For now, you can use the Comments link on any page to e-mail me. Please send me links to any photos you know of that include me, family or anything else I’ll want to steal.


There’s not really anything here yet. There’s no point in asking me for passwords. Of course, you could give me some content to put here...

Private area for friends. Mailing List

There’s never been a mailing, but hey, who knows? Join this hypothetical mailing list:

When subscribing, all fields are necessary. To unsubscribe, enter only your e-mail.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:

Sections yet to be added

For now, ...:

This certainly needs to be worked on. I don’t think she’ll be happy with anything I do anyway, and it probably won’t be long before she’s able to create a decent one for herself.

Here’s a really old page I used to keep for her: Let’s see if it still works.

Maybe she’ll give me some to put here.

Well, will ya?

To be added.


To be added


Listen now. MP3 4:51 ~4.55mb Fraunhofer VBR HQ.
Note: The variable bitrate makes some players incorrectly list this song as shorter, eg: 2:00 in length.


This piece is kind of unique among my music to date. You could say I was inspired. I wrote this, recorded it and had it on CD over the course of one night, April 14, 1999, and I still made it to work when I was done. This was before I had a real microphone, so be amazed that this came across on one of those cheap little PC mics – with a sponge wrapped around to deaden the echo and windflow.

I recently went back and did a little mastering on that mucky CD copy. This made it so much better, I might load up the old tracks and mix & master ’em all anew.


Tear this payge out and take it away
Some of your reasons will do
All the time my grip - slipping away
Thought I could trust what I knew

But oh, no, it’s started again
Despite all the warnings I caught
The gnawing desolation much closer at hand
Survivor I’m not

See the dirty souls chasing their dreams
Never to cage what they sought
Can you honestly feel what it means
Through the penance you bought

Well oh, God it’s happening here
Couldn’t have staged a worse time
When bitter heroes die alone with their fear
I’m living with mine

Oh no it’s happened again
But what can you do
You know why I’m calling to you now
And what I need you to do

Sorry, still haven’t loaded all these.

Sorry, I haven’t loaded all these yet.

It’ always so hard to let go of one’s work. My old site existed for a couple of years, and could be considered a bit more artistic than this more functional new version. It was designed to be friendly with a baseline of 640x480px resolution screens and up, as opposed to the new design which becomes terribly annoying under 800x600. I tend to run 1600x1200, so of course I attempted to make it expand nicely.

Visit what’s left of the old site.

Log in here in order to have your name recognized by the site. This would also allow access to otherwise restricted areas of the site, pending approval.


If you can see this page, you have level 1 security access.

Don’t get too excited; there isn’t much in the way of private content at this point. Plus, since anyone can create a level 1 login, this level won’t be used to secure much content, but rather just to track users, make the site friendly, and allow personalization.

Same drill; level 2


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