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Changed some things

February, 2019


It’s an update

February, 2018

but not really one you can see. Mostly under the hood.


January, 2017


More updates

January-February, 2014

I’m finally getting more up-to-date with my web approach. The site is now adaptive/responsive, and adjusts to mobile and tablet screen sizes. I'm also using @font-face web fonts now including Entypo. To do: Font Awesome.

I need to test how touch-friendly the site is so far.

Should I move from JQuery 1.x to 2.x? It would eliminate support for IE 8/7/6. Maybe in a few months. I see IE8 is unfortunately still the 2nd most used browser on my company's sites, at 12.6% of vistors during January 2014. Even IE7 has held onto the #10 spot at 4.1%.


December, 2013

Added Google Minify and FirePHP. Integrating good stuff from Bootstrap3/Initializr/Modernizr/H5BP.

Fixed a couple bugs. Switched from gChat to g+. Added active visitor count. Still working on some responsive layout and such.


January, 2013

...Sold SocialContact.com to the folks developing SocialRadar. This was a great bonus. I wish I had more names like this. If I could somehow manage this once per month, it would be my new career.


December, 2012

I’d done nothing much on this site over the past year or two. At last, recently I’ve fixed some corrupted (local) files, reindexed the search databases, and moved away from the PHP short tag directive.

I’ve also been doing some improvements and overhaul over at BeyondoZone for the Area Beyond game - now with an HTML5 doctype and validation! Plus it’s approaching 1,000 verbs. Isn’t that crazy? No one will ever EVER find or get most of the inside jokes buried in this game. Even if you take my source code. Seriously, it goes on and on. I always feel like I’m a few bug fixes from really inviting usage of this thing.

I’ve had some interest in the SocialContact.com d*m*n n*m again. It’s a good name for something, and I’ve been using it here for nearly seven years now. I think I’ll now try some more x-pointing between pages, in hopes of supporting my dream of ever retiring. Hmm.


January, 2011

I made some small improvements to the file upload page. Yup, it still works.


Still looking, Jan. 2011 (originally posted December, 2008)

Dear friends: Can anyone spare an invite for What.CD? I’d like to give it a run. It looks fun/useful. Thanks for reading.

AreaBeyond game again

free time now

Major update time for the game/chat thing at AreaBeyond.com. By the way, I should probably settle on a name. If not AreaBeyond, then perhaps one of the other domains I have pointing at the same host ‒ SocialContact.com (I’ve received offers for the domain name, but no follow-up), BeyondoZone.com (a-la my last name and all), ChatSector.com (you can chat there...), NoisyCafe.com (yeah) ‒ are any of these any good? It would make a major difference to settle on a name before I start promoting this. I also seriously need creative help with the game ‒ theme/plot/story/goals/UI/etc.. By the way, there’s a lot of cool stuff under the hood that no one ever plays long enough to find.

More geeky code crap

Fall, 2008

Under the hood it is.
Captcha image added to guestbook to stop those lousy spam bots.
No further comments at this time.

Site layout

March, 2008

I did some geeky code things to the styles. The content is now in source-order, meaning machines and handicap-readers will see it first. I worked out a few tricks around having the content area auto scroll using CSS rather than a frame. I played with some dropshadows. I switched to XHTML1.1 and worked on validating (sending MIME type, etc.) but switched back ‒ it doesn’t really do all I want; no scripts in body. There are still some IE7 quirks to work out.

AreaBeyond game

ad occasionally

I’ve been doing some work to make the AreaBeyond chat/game/text-adventure thing much cooler. Now on PHP 5+, so I can simplify some of the data storage. It has several more images now too, some of which are only placeholders. Please participate.

Host transition

The transition is coming along. I never bothered finishing bringing all the content over, since I became distracted just working on details of the site. Mainly, I’m holding off until I can create my ideal content management system. (Temp index 2).

I added the decorative, useless vine divider separating the left navigation column from the main content area. Due to the relentless positioning methods I used, Internet Explorer gives odd results — all the links at the bottom of the page are obscured by some invisible layer, and are therefore unclickable. Oh well; I do have that Get Firefox icon at the bottom anyway.

Suggestions, anyone? Would you sign my guestbook?

You break it, you buy it.

[ Watch this space ]


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 ¶  main features

A round-up of some feature & utility pages.  

 ¶  Myself

This area contains a little information re: moi.  

 ¶  my Music

I’ve finally decided to make myself accomplish something in this arena.  

 ¶  my Photos

Digital copies of many of my photos – safely stored two timezones away.  

 ¶  my Friends

For, by, of and about you people.  

 ¶  Aerianna

Of course she gets her own room.  

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